Monthly Archives: February 2012

sleep is a waste of time

“Sleep is a waste of time,” he says
as if he’s racing against the clock
sitting up with a madman’s pen
he scribbles until after dark

His eyes are faded, his mind’s afire
But there’ll be no rest for him this life
There’s much too much to do, it is true
And much too much little time

There isn’t time to delay he says
We don’t grow young, we get gray
Sleep is a waste of time he says
More feverish and frenzied each day

But these visions I’ve seen, they come through dreams
whether waking or no, I can’t say.
But the best that I know, it always goes
will also, one day, fade.

It seems to me, to sleep to dream
is the only way to avoid collapse.
“Sleep is a waste of time,” he says
but I could really use a nap.



we are particles accelerating into each other
and we don’t know why
you took my hand and kissed my neck
it does not matter that i’ve lied
or what you have not said
your hand on mine now
would be annihilation.