I’ll find a man. We’ll get a house.
With a pool. And a dog. Have a kid. Small talk
with neighbors.
       How are your tulip bulbs this year?
       My, how Sally has grown.
I’ll get a job. At the local elementary school.
Teach them animals sounds. What to add. How to subtract.
       Eight plus what equals 11? What is missing?
       Twenty minus what equals 5. What was taken away?
I’ll get a car. Drive to Whole Food. Greek yogurt on sale this week. Organic lettuce. Pesticide free.
Have barbecues. Make mild complaints.
       Oh, you know, getting by.
       But oh, this rash!
I’ll wear an apron when I cook. Your favorite dish.
       Kiss the Cook.
       World’s Greatest Mom.
       Don’t Mess with the Chef.
I’ll travel the same paths. Watch the orange tree grow. Complain about the price of gas. The politician’s indiscretions. I’ll dye my graying hair. Pack up the kids to visit my mom. Make a feast for the holidays.
       Your turkey last year was by far your best.
I’ll grow old in this town. I’ll die in this town.
       What was missing?
       What was taken away?


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