in the center of a room of eyes
but I know you are posing just for me
(heart-shaped Hannah, the vampire of Savannah)
and if I could take the various drawings of you,
in charcoal, watercolors, ink, crayon, oil pastels,
and make a complete vision of you,
like Galatea, I could bring you to life,
the way you bend and the curves of your flesh,
(I’m ready for you, I hope you are ready for me)
refining the shades of gray that fall on your back,
squiggles for your eyes, circle around your intertwined fingers
you take shape on my pages, the only thing I can take home
(you can’t have your cake and eat it too,
you can’t have your husband and some other man)

your quiet breathing and concentrated eyes
are the only things that tell me you are alive.


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