some other meaning


restless souls meandering
through gray city streets
gaunt pallid faces
in inebriated dreams
if one were to call out to you
ignore his wails
there can be no gain listening
his droning may never cease

emblems of desire
tied fixedly around his neck
strolling cautiously
towards nothing
and nothing is all he gets

i hear a cry that beckons
& he winks maliciously
sidled up sideways
he jeers at me mockingly
i hear only a low moan
but it seems he sings to me

i’ve no truisms to offer
just these calloused palms
a heart sparking no emotion
just a vague alarm
you think you may have heard the sound
i think you may be wrong

this life is long, i’ve got the point
it sears me to the core
it’s empty now, what never was
longing for some other purpose

the haunting look he wears
hangs on him like a shroud
exhausted from his labors
he falls back into the crowd


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