Monthly Archives: April 2011

‘cuz we are not in la

don’t say yes
when you mean maybe
don’t say maybe
when you mean no
and if it is really maybe
say so


train of thought

i thought i heard your laugh
behind me, but when i turned
to look at the large glass
windows, sun glaring behind
looming steel buildings that
kept watch like sentries,
i heard only street noise,
bicycle bells, cat calls, screeches
of brakes and cab horns


i like the way you laugh
but i rather love the way you groan


it did not seem so at first glance
how very delicate those cracks
on the surface of your taut flesh
would crumble at the softest touch

you think exposed lines make you weak
so you cover your wants, your needs
but the strength it requires to speak
springs from a place that’s far more deep

it is not despite but because, you see
those lines draw you closer to me

spring haiku

the flower petals
flutter outside my window
white and delicate


the wet streets offer no salvation
cars streaked with last week’s dirt
the sounds of last night’s sweet elation
have drowned in this morning’s hurt

i offer up to the clouds your arrival
but it dissipates through my fingertips
i’ve thought: i need you for my survival
but it hangs unsaid on my open lips

water has not been a purifier
my tears have done no good
the desert is my sovereign empire
and there alone have i stood


each individual drop
sounds out the
of falling

i lay down my
head and feel the
of coldness